Touch of Judas is a real Judas Priest Tribute band!
Touch Of Judas delivers Judas Priest classics in convincing style with cool guitar solo's, double bass drum and insane Judas-screams!

As audience you will experience a long string of Judas Priest classics from 3 decades, so whether you were young in the 70s, 80s or 90s, you will certainly experience some of the songs you head-banged to as a kid!

So if you are a Judas Priest fan, do not miss a Touch of Judas show !!!


Allan Krab - Vocal

Stephan Hedelund - Lead guitar

Daniel "Dalle" Bruun - Rythm guitar + choir

Claus "Fidde" Friis - Bass + choir

Thomas Donovan Kruse - Drums

Please give our Facebook page a like here: https://www.facebook.com/touchofjudas

Upcoming shows:

November 23rd 2024 - Banehuset Sommersted together with Maiden Ålborg

Previous shows: 

December 26th 2023 - Julebal i Heavyland Holstebro together with System Of A Jam and The Memory Remains

October 7th 2023 - Rocken Aalborg

September 30th 2023 - Banehuset together with Timechild

August 5th 2023 - JelsFest

March 25th 2023 - Banehuset Sommersted together with Villains and The Memory Remains

February 4th 2023 - Metal i forsamlingshuset Gylling together with Nice Try and Rage Again

November 12th 2022 - Cristmas party at foreningen Heavy Agger

September 9th 2022 - Industrien Rockbar Esbjerg

August 27th 2022 - Tornvang Open Air

May 28th 2022 - Bartof Station Copenhagen with AC/DC Powerjam

March 4th 2022 - Viborg Metal Festival

October 2nd 2021 - Terminalen in Herning together with our friend from The Memory Remains.

August 7th 2021 - Out Of Quarentine in Jels

February 1st 2020, Gylling Forsamlingshus, Gylling. Metal i Forsamlingshuset w/Almost Quo & The Memory Remains.

September 13th 2019, SG25, Haderslev

March 2nd 2019 – Scene 7, Herning DK (For those about to rock) w/Motörizer & Black Sabbath Experience

November 3rd 2018 – Diskotek East End, Holstebro DK (Julebal I Heavyland) w/Svartsol & The Memory Remains

April 28th 2018 – High Voltage, Aalborg DK

January 27th 2018 – Banehuset, Sommersted DK w/Disrule & Stone Cadaver

January 13th 2018 – Rock Cover Concert at CC, Silkeborg DK w/System of a Jam & Foo Tos

December 8th 2017 – Kulisselageret, Horsens DK w/A Little Dizzy

June 9th 2017 – High Voltage, Copenhagen DK (With Ozzy Jam)

May 6th 2017 – Banehuset, Sommersted DK (Headbangers Night)

February 11th 2017 – Kulisselageret, Horsens DK (Support for Lipid)

December 2nd 2016 – Roxy, Flensburg DE (Devilish Metal Night III)

July 7th 2016 – Metal Magic Festival, Fredericia DK (After Party at Generalen)

May 20th 2016 – Scene 7, Herning (Covering The Gods Night)

October 30th 2015 – Ungdommens Hus, Fredericia DK (Dampf Fest)

September 5th 2015 – Banehuset, Sommersted DK with SEA

March 7th  2015 – Magasinet, Nakskov DK with Black Sabbath Tribute

August 30th 2014 – Banehuset, Sommersted DK

October 26th 2013 – Skodborg MC Gathering DK